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Carlo Maggiora LLC is an established museum services company providing artifact mount-making,  lighting and exhibit installation.

Carlo Maggiora LLC specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of mounts, supports, armatures and display systems for small and large museums, galleries and private collectors. Each mount is custom designed and crafted in cooperation with the exhibition designers, conservators and curators to create visually enticing exhibits with the conservation of the artifacts always at the forefront. We have a fully equipped mount making shop at our main facility and a complete field mountmaking setup. We work from either of our facilities or on location, or both depending on the project.

Carlo Maggiora LLC main facility is centrally located in Midtown Cleveland, Ohio, between University Circle and downtown. It is housed in a turn of the century carriage house with 3000 sq. feet of studio space on three floors. It is separated into multiple work stations for different materials; steel, brass, aluminum, acrylic, epoxy, wood, foam and textiles. The metal shop includes a lathe, milling machine and tig welder, and oxy-fuel torches. There is an area for very fine metalwork, with a jewelry bench and jewelry making tools. The range of equipment allows for great versatility in building mounts both very small and detailed to very large and sculptural. The shop has a large sliding door that opens to the street for easy loading of materials and large pieces. On the second floor are the office, mannequin and textile areas where busts and custom mannequin parts are carved and sewn using conservationally approved materials.

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